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Theater of the Mind

By Daniel Burns

By: Daniel Burns

Theater of the Mind

I took my medication this morning. As I do every morning. My fiancé asks if I took it. I ask her too.

Schizophrenia: Theater of the Mind is a look into the life of a person whom has had psychotic symptoms interfere with their life. The installation is immersive. Mirrors reflect your world; sound effects warp your reality and paranoia sets in. You interact with an alternate reality until…. You can’t take it anymore.

Your journey has been hard. You have a cracked mind. Your spirit is broken. The hard part is just starting. You are acting against instinct to conform to societies standards. You are tired but want to live. Slowly you retrain your mind. Classes, groups and professionals are your world now. Living recovery is the goal.

Re-enter society. Start at the bottom. Catch the break that will help you live a fruitful life. The breaks come hard. Have set backs. Regain trust in yourself. Use your tools. You are useful. Your experience helps people and creates value. You can truthfully relate to others. 

Time travels into the future. Life is affirming.

-Daniel Burns

November 2017